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The longest penis in the world

Written By Andy Subandono on Friday, December 9, 2011 | 9:37 AM

When a penis reaches 12 or even 16 inches... Who owns these monstrosities?Who has the longest penis?

How large is an average male sexual organ?

As you know, the average size of an erect penis is somewhere between five and a half and six and a half inches, which means that eight inches is a lot and not all too common. Well, maybe with black men it is, as they are known by their giant tools, but according to porno films, they are never fully erect. The reason might be that the cock would need too much blood to be pumped into it, so the owner would pass out, which could be dangerous.

Who has the biggest sexual organ?

Especially when the penis reaches a size of 12 or, attention, even 16 inches. Let there be no misunderstanding, we are not talking about donkeys or horses, but a man named Daniel Arthur Mead, also known as Long Dong Silver, whose penis was actually 18 inches long, the owner of the supposedly longest penis.

Who is Long Dong Silver?

The young man, who was born in 1960, used his size to great advantage in the porno industry and left even the legendary John Holmes far behind him because his penis measured only a modest 12 inches. The giant of almost a foot and a half had his film debut is Sex Freaks in 1979. The title seemed very appropriate. His size is not normal, so we could say that it is a big anomaly. It is a cruel joke and the man does not actually enjoy it, but is in fact in pain. No woman can give him any real pleasure because his penis is much too large and useless. Well, except for cracking walnuts, drying your laundry or frightening a thief in the middle of the night.

Anyway, Long Dong Silver still has the longest penis of all times, if you belive what you see on the screen. For all the skeptics we recommend to do a little web search. The fraud with Long Dong Silver is one of the best ones in history.
By: Antonio B
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Discover Her U-spot!

Written By Andy Subandono on Thursday, December 8, 2011 | 9:35 AM

We’ll soon be able to recite the whole alphabet of the female crotch. Today, the question is how to find her U-spot?

There’s hardly any part of the female crotch that isn't sensitive to fondling. Sometimes it seems pointless naming its various particular spots and describing them with letters because we can simply say the female crotch. Still, there seems to be a great need for special emphasis on certain sensitive spots, as it appears that people are still fairly limited and don’t pay enough attention to experimenting. So, where's the U-spot?
Where is the U-spot?

If you’ve ever embarked on the wild adventure of exploring her crotch and were very thorough, you might have heard some heavy panting when you happened to stop on her pee hole. The area around this hole is called the U-spot by some. It’s located above and on both sides of the hole. It's quite clear that this hole isn’t meant just for peeing when you keep in mind that some women also ejaculate through it.

The glands surrounding the pipe through which women pee are similar to the male prostate, which is known to be a sensitive spot for men. No wonder that there's the U-spot! These glands also produce the liquid released during female ejaculation.
How to get to work on the U-spot?

You don’t have to learn any special moves for the U-spot. Tackle it with circular movements with either your finger or tongue. Don’t try sticking anything in because you may cause an infection.
By TjaĊĦa Babic
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Mastopexy: Make Your Breasts Look Upright Again

Written By Andy Subandono on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 | 9:34 AM

Mastopexy is an increasingly popular surgical procedure, intended for women who want to defy the effects of breastfeeding and preserve their breasts in their youthful state.

Why do women decide to undergo breast lift surgery?

Ptosis, or the drooping of breasts, a real problem for many women, is a result of various factors, such as losing weight, genes, aging, hormonal changes, not to mention pregnancy and breastfeeding. Breast lift is the best solution for those women who are satisfied with the size of their breasts, but would like to change their position. You can use a simple test with a pencil:if a woman places a pencil under her breast and the pencil remains in place without the help of the hand, merely by being held by the breast, then a woman would benefit from mastopexy. Even though there are no age limits for the procedure, physicians insist that breasts have to be fully developed. Mastopexy is more suitable for women who have already given birth, but it can also be done in such a way that it doesn't affect the breastfeeding ability, so that milk ducts and nipples remain intact.

Preparations for the procedure

First, you discuss your wishes with the chosen surgeon, on the basis of which a photograph is made, together with a model for the desired shape of your breasts. Of course, one has to consider possibilities that are in tune with reality. A few weeks before the procedure, you aren't allowed to take certain medicines and vitamin supplements. It's also advisable that you stop smoking, at least for the time being, as smoking can lead to complications. Your doctor will also warn you that the surgery may have to be repeated, in case the first one doesn't turn out according to your plans. You'll also be warned about the possibility of slow healing of scars.

Sometimes women decide for implants and mastopexy at the same time.

Additional procedures

To have fuller breasts, i.e. when there isn't enough tissue, women sometimes also decide for an implant. When the patient expresses a wish to have smaller breasts, breast reduction can be made simultaneously. In the first case - in case of breast augmentation, the patient should bring photos of breasts that she likes both in terms of their size and shape, to make the communication with the surgeon easier.

Different types of mastopexy

The procedure lasts from two to four hours and is carried out under general anaesthesia. There are several surgical techniques for mastopexy, and they're named after different types of cuts and scars. Severe ptosis (drooping of breasts) requires a more extensive procedure and results in longer scars. The degree of ptosis is determined by your physician. Mastopexy in the shape of a half-moon is suitable for patients with slightly expressed ptosis, where the redundant skin can be found only in the upper part of the breast. Circumareolar mastopexy is also suitable for the patients with a projecting nipple or areola. Vertical mastopexy is suitable for mild to moderate ptosis, while simultaneously one can also reduce the size of areola. The cut goes around the areola and then downwards. L-mastopexy or reversed T-mastopexy is on the other hand a classical mastopexy technique, appropriate for moderate to severe ptosis. Again, the areola can also be made smaller.

Recovery after the procedure

Right after the procedure, the breasts seem positioned somewhat higher than you'd expect. However, after a few weeks or a month, when swellings disappear and the skin gets used to the new shape, your breasts will be positioned as planned. The pain can be alleviated with analgesics. The stitches have to be removed within approximately fourteen days, and it's also advisable to use special plasters for several months after the procedure - plasters that prevent the stretching of the scar.

It's important to follow doctor's orders and wear a specialized bra that provides appropriate support to the operated breasts. For four to six weeks after the surgery, physical exercise has to be limited to short walks. The feeling of touch usually returns after a month. In the mean time, the patient may feel a pricking sensation that she can soothe with painkillers.


Complications are not very common, but there's a risk of asymmetry, bleeding, infections and visible scars. Also, breasts will eventually start to sag again. If a suffusion appearing after the procedure gets bigger and is hard to touch, and if the pain only gets worse, you have to call your surgeon, because hematoma has to be treated surgically.

By: Isabela M.
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3 Sex Tips That Will Rock Her World - See How Easily You Can Supercharge Her Orgasmic Pleasure!

Written By Andy Subandono on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 | 9:32 AM

Last longer in bed
When you make long passionate sex to your partner, it will increase likelihood of female orgasm. According to Dr. Ava Cadell, sexologist and author of The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Oral Sex, "Anything under half an hour is not satisfying to a woman." Following is list of useful techniques to help you last longer in bed:
- Keep breathing long and intense to help you stay focused.
- Concentrate on giving her orgasms. Make sure you send her at least one great climax before intercourse.

- Practice Kegel exercise regularly to improve ejaculatory control and boost sexual fitness.
- Let her be on top of you. It helps to reduce penile sensitivity and allow you to hold out longer.
It's all about the tongue

Oral sex is something most women can't get enough of. According to the book What Women Want, most ladies are craving for 3 Cs: commitment, compliments and cunnilingus. As well, various studies show that women "always" manage to reach climaxes via oral sex. Thus, you really do not have to be mad with small manhood as there's a lot you can do with just your tongue! Now, if you really want to rock her world with oral pleasure, we highly recommend a technique called "bridging". Here's how it works: stimulate her clitoris with gentle tongue stroke to make her fully aroused. When she is very near to orgasm, proceed to slow and hard penetration. It is going to intensify her orgasmic response and allow her to reach the big "O" in no time.

Make your penis thicker
Many guys want their penis to be longer. They think that a long penis can guarantee female orgasm. The truth is: women prefer thick member as it makes women feel more pleasurable. Following is an effective penis exercise to make your manhood thicker:
#1. Use the thumb finger and index finger of left hand to form an "O" shape.
#2. Encircle the base of penis with the "O" grip. Lightly squeeze the base for 5 seconds to restrict blood flow.
#3. Slowly push the hand grip toward the penile head.
#4. Repeat step 2 to 3 with right hand.
#5. Repeat the step 2 to 4 for 50 times.
See how you can last longer and grow up to 2 inches to penis size naturally in just 1 week.
100% Natural. Completely Guarantee.

By Ian Lee
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Sex Tips - Watching Porn With Your Woman to Spice Up the Night

Written By Andy Subandono on Monday, December 5, 2011 | 9:29 AM

Watching porn with your woman before sex is definitely a great way to make both of you more sexually active later in the night. While watching porn movies together before sex, you can discuss with her what techniques that she favors and likes to try out.

Through watching porn movies, both you and she can also explore each other sexual fantasies. By choosing the right porn movies, you will be able to carry out the fantasies with each other, as well as to arouse foreplay and sexual pleasure.

But before you go out and buy a bag of porn movies CDs, be sure to talk to your partner first. Have an open-minded talk and make sure that she is comfortable with the idea of watching porn movies together.

Tell her that porn movies can be used as a tool to arouse sexual pleasure between both of you, and thus enhancing the sexual experiences later on. Once she is comfortable with the idea, you can then source out the different movies together, with specific themes, actors, and plays that satisfy the both of you.

While watching porn movies, be relaxed. Cuddle together on the couch and talk about the plays and themes of the show while watching. Be being relaxed about it, then you will be able to use the porn movie as a tool to lead to sex after the show, or even during the show!

One thing you can do is to start a little of foreplay during the show, as this will help to lead to sex more easily.

Crid Lee is the webmaster of TheKamaSutraOnline.com
Crid Lee also also owns the site WhyWomenPlayHardToGet.com, where you will find out what are the reasons behind women playing hard to get, and how you can turn the tables against them.

By Crid Lee
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Best Small Penis Sex Tips - Tips For Making Women Satisfied With A Small Manhood

Written By Andy Subandono on Sunday, December 4, 2011 | 9:26 AM

#1. Give her great oral love: oral sex is something most women can't get enough of. When done right, it can result in really powerful orgasms. As well, it makes women feel love and appreciated. Prior to penetrative sex, make sure you send her to at least one big "O" via cunnilingus. That way, you can be sure that she will not mind a small manhood during intercourse. Remember though: before you position yourself in between her legs, be sure to make her fully aroused.

#2. Enjoy the ride: women love to be on top as it allows them to take charge, which can result in powerful climaxes. The woman-on-top positions also lets you take a break and help you to last longer than man-on-top poses. To compensate for having a small penis, have her to thrust in circular motion (either clockwise or counterclockwise) or side-by side motion. To further intensify her orgasmic pleasure, don't forget to stroke her nipples and clitoris. As well, you can squeeze PC muscle tightly to intensify orgasms.

#3. In man-on-top positions, have her to keep her legs close together and rest them against your chests for ease of deep penetration. These changes can make small manhood seem huge and send both partners to orgasm easily.

#4. Quality erection is the key contributor to women's pleasure in bed. With a hard penis, you will be able to provide erotic massage on her G spot and sensitive nerve ending for greater pleasure. Prior to sex, massage the base of your penis and testicles to stimulate the areas. It helps to improve circulation and create rock hard erection.

By Ian Lee
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3 Ultra HOT Sex Tips to Give Her Multiple, Throbbing Orgasms (And It's Easier Than You Think!)

Written By Andy Subandono on Saturday, December 3, 2011 | 9:24 AM

It is every man's dream to have their women so sexually aroused with them that they get to create orgasmic experiences she will definitely enjoy, love, and appreciate. Making love just in your bedroom will soon become boring and predictable after a while so here are 3 amazing tips to delight her.

#1 - Be a sex gourmet! Bring her to the kitchen and say you will prepare for her the best gourmet meal of her life. And if she asks, the main ingredient is her and you! You could put food and condiments on her as you eat her or vice versa. You could lay a rug, towel or carpet on the floor and make love with her right then and there. Or take her while she washes dishes. I leave it all to your imagination.

#2 - Bathe her in your royal tub! After that fun exciting sex in the kitchen, bathe her in water and clean her up. Not only will it give you time to gather your strength for the next sexual bout, you can tease and stimulate her with the shower water, your hands and soap. Take her on the tub or the sink from behind. Stimulate her and bathe her wet. Make her orgasm with you in the bathroom too.

#3 - Make use of a comfortable Love Seat! Now after that shower lay her down on your divan. If you didn't know, that is actually what they call a love seat. And it was used just for that in the 20th century. A place to make love! Be creative and find ways to take her while she is lying on the love seat. If Cassanova can do it, why can't you?

By Evan Kinney
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How to Turn a Girl On - These Mind Blowing Sex Tips Will Have Her Nearing an Orgasm Before Sex!

Written By Andy Subandono on Friday, December 2, 2011 | 9:22 AM

The best sex advice out there, is the advice that can actually get a girl literally almost into an orgasm before you even have sex! You see, females are turned on through their mind, and you can easily turn a woman on just by knowing how their psychology runs. Here is how you can can turn a girl on easily...

A woman's mind.... a female is generally turned on by emotion and her mind (thoughts, feelings, imagining etc), whereas men are turned on morose by physical (look, touch, smell, taste etc). On top of this, women are driven by four main emotions. Those are anger, sadness, happiness and surprise. You may find that strange, but let's try not to argue the facts here, but rather show you how you can use these to trigger her sexual arousal.

The reason why make up sex is the best, is because anytime that a girl is angry or sad, she is pretty much sexually aroused. Although you may find that sick, the reason she is aroused, is because she feels a very strong emotional and mental connection to you in that very moment. Since women are aroused via emotions and the mind, she can't help but want you in that instant.

So to start off, you should surprise her and make her happy as anything. You do not necessarily have to get her a gift, but can simply just do something out there that she wasn't expecting. Ensure it's also something she loves, and then she will be happy.

Somewhere during your date, or time with her, tell a sad story... and she will begin to sympathize with you. When she does, start an argument out of nowhere; and she will become irritated and mad. From there, do a quick little "make up" chat, and then begin to ask her what her dreams and fantasies are. She will probably go on about some useless stuff, and gradually move this towards sexually fantasies, which she will be open to more and more as she talks on and on.

Once she has told you her fantasies, make your move...she will now be fully turned on, because you have appealed to all of her emotions, and you have brought her mind to imagine the physicality of being with you.

By Sharlene Gerber
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Best Small Penis Sex Tips - Tips For Making Women Satisfied With A Small Manhood

Written By Andy Subandono on Thursday, December 1, 2011 | 9:20 AM

#1. Give her great oral love: oral sex is something most women can't get enough of. When done right, it can result in really powerful orgasms. As well, it makes women feel love and appreciated. Prior to penetrative sex, make sure you send her to at least one big "O" via cunnilingus. That way, you can be sure that she will not mind a small manhood during intercourse. Remember though: before you position yourself in between her legs, be sure to make her fully aroused.

#2. Enjoy the ride: women love to be on top as it allows them to take charge, which can result in powerful climaxes. The woman-on-top positions also lets you take a break and help you to last longer than man-on-top poses. To compensate for having a small penis, have her to thrust in circular motion (either clockwise or counterclockwise) or side-by side motion. To further intensify her orgasmic pleasure, don't forget to stroke her nipples and clitoris. As well, you can squeeze PC muscle tightly to intensify orgasms.

#3. In man-on-top positions, have her to keep her legs close together and rest them against your chests for ease of deep penetration. These changes can make small manhood seem huge and send both partners to orgasm easily.

#4. Quality erection is the key contributor to women's pleasure in bed. With a hard penis, you will be able to provide erotic massage on her G spot and sensitive nerve ending for greater pleasure. Prior to sex, massage the base of your penis and testicles to stimulate the areas. It helps to improve circulation and create rock hard erection.

By Ian Lee
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Drive Your Man Insane With This Erotic Sexual Knowledge (NOT Sex Tips From 1952)

Written By Andy Subandono on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 | 9:18 AM

Ok, ladies, you may think that you know how your man's body operates perfectly well. You probably do know a lot of your man, but not everything. And some of the things that you are missing are quite powerful. Find out what you could be missing that could blow your man's mind.

There is no way you could know everything unless you were a man who explored your body
Unless your man tells you everything sexually about this body then there is no way you are going to know what drives him nuts. You could also have had sexual experiences over thousands of hours that can make you a sexual scientist. But for most women these two ideal situations do not occur. We can share all of our sexual experiences with men and suddenly we have a huge knowledge base. So from all this data we find some very powerful techniques.

One of the most amazing aspects of having amazing sex with your man is mentally stimulating him with your foreplay. We know that men are visual sexual creatures, while women are more driven by touch. The male mind is very sensitive to curves of the buttock and the hips. Teasing your man with a strip tease that accentuates these areas while drive him very crazy. Then when you two eventually have sex it will be amazing. You are mentally stimulating him sexually.

Another very important aspect of having great sex is becoming totally dominate with your man. You should have some sex sessions were you do not let your man control one aspect of the sex session. This will greatly heighten the sexual stimulation and nerve responses.

By Heather Velos
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Just For MEN - 5 Top Sex Tips to Make Her Climax!

Written By Andy Subandono on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 | 9:16 AM

99% of men out there want to get better at having sex, if you do not then you need not read this article. In this article I am going to give you 7 great tips to have better sex and to make her climax.

1) Cleanliness is a must - Always make sure you are clean, mainly your body odour and your breath. Sleeping with a guy that smells is an instant turn off and will swiftly make any woman become not in the mood and she will not orgasm when she is not in the mood.

2) Foreplay - Have lots of foreplay, women take a much longer time to orgasm than men do so get her in the mood before hand with lots and lots of foreplay.

3) Compliment Her - Get her in the mood by paying her compliments. Complimenting her will make her feel good about herself and will help her become more aroused and easier to make orgasm. So while you are having sex try telling her just how sexy she looks.

4) Drinking can be bad - When you drink alcohol you suffer from decreased motor skills and are unable to perform as good as sober. Erection problems are quite common when drunk so try not to have too much to drink prior to having sex.

5) Change Positions - It is nice to change position during intercourse, but try not to change it too often as women really dislike this because of the stopping and starting nature of changing positions. So keep changing the positions but do it slowly and try to do it gradually.

By Maria Holland
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10 Sex Tips That Will Drive Her Wild

Written By Andy Subandono on Monday, November 28, 2011 | 9:13 AM

In this day and age there is more emphasis on the performance of men in the bedroom than there has ever been. It is no longer acceptable for a man to not know his way around a woman's body. If you want that girl to keep coming back for more, you need to able to satisfy her every time.

The male enhancement industry is a rapidly growing market and more and more men are interested in getting the very best out of themselves and their partner during sex. Below is a collection of tips to help you make the transition from to chump to champ and drive your girl wild!

1. There is absolutely no substitute for excitement. In order to get the very most out of your sex life be sure to take advantage of the ever increasing range of lubricants and sexual enhancement gels... they can make all the difference.
2. Clitoral orgasm is relatively easy to make happen... and it's a great way to take the pressure off of you during intercourse.  However, if you can make your girl orgasm through penetrative sex as well, you'll really make an impression.
3. Don't change positions too much. Often this can distract the woman and decrease her sexual excitement. It's best to find something that works and stick with that.
4. Watching a little bit of X rated entertainment is a great way to get things moving along and spice things up. This is also a great way to break the ice!
5. Foreplay is crucial! Thrusting away for hours is not a great way to make a lasting impression... mix things up a little bit, don't be afraid to be adventurous.
6. Take your socks off in bed! No, this isn't a myth women really hate this.
7. If it's your first time with a particular girl, be polite! Don't force her to go places she doesn't want to go... be a gentlemen. Concentrate on giving her the best time possible, it'll pay off in the long run and she will be more than willing to reciprocate what you have done for her.
8. Women generally take longer to become aroused than men and can feel just as much pleasure (perhaps more) from tenderness, kissing and cuddling. Don't be afraid to be gentle, it's not all about rough and tumble.
9. All women are different... get to know your partners body. What one girl likes another may not, so get feedback!
10. If you want to be remembered, be generous! Girls like nothing more than a generous lover.

Brent used http://www.penisenlargementbible.com to transform his sex life.
By Brent Steele
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2 Insanely Simple Sex Tips to Give Her Orgasms Time and Time Again!

Written By Andy Subandono on Sunday, November 27, 2011 | 9:11 AM

Giving a woman orgasms does not have to be rocket science.  Keep it simple to avoid confusion and to avoid any mistakes or discomfort that can come from trying to do too much.  You may think that trying to perform exciting and adventurous sex positions you see in the movies could be exhilarating.  But these types of positions can be physically strenuous and may take away from the sexual pleasure of things.

Here are a couple tips to inducing orgasms the simple way:

Tip 1: Easy to perform sex positions for orgasms:
-   The bended spoon - this is done in rear entry position where you slide a big cushion are pillow under her stomach so her back is arched up to align you well with her G. spot and allow for deep penetration.

-  This position can be done in a missionary position with the woman on her back.  Bring her legs up and enter her from the front.  This will give you some more deep penetration and if you can pull her legs up higher towards the ceiling it will increase in even better angle for hitting her G. spot

Tip 2: Tease her
-  as you may know sex is more mental for women.  Try teasing her by stimulating her with slowly shallow thrusts.  Focus near the opening because this is the most sensitive nerve areas in her vaginal canal.  Combine this with a start and stop routine.  Start slowly and start building up her arousal levels and then stopped briefly.  This will tease her and build her up for a powerful orgasm.  You can also withdraw your member when she is at a high arousal level to enter an extra tease.

WARNING: most women (around 90%) are unable to achieve regular orgasms and are not completely satisfied sexually with her partner.  Most women have the attributed this to a smaller than average penis size as well as a man finishing well before her not lasting long enough.

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Find out my secret to increase penis size without pills, devices and surgery and never worry about satisfying a woman again.

By Dillon Mason
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3 Sinful Sex Tips to Give Her Sheet-Clenching Orgasms (And You Almost Didn't Know About It!)

Written By Andy Subandono on Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 9:09 AM

Do you want to give your woman the most amazing series of orgasms that will send her into 'pleasure land'? The first step is of course to have her reach her first orgasms. You can then continue giving her the orgasms so that she gets ecstatic! Even if you are a master at multiple orgasms, you can still increase your expertise with these easy tips.Try them out!

#1 - Oral sex: Oral sex is the most potent weapon in your hand when it comes to giving her an easy orgasm. If you get an expertise over this, she will have her orgasm before you know it and will be ready for more! The trick in giving multiple orgasms is to slow down when she is very near a climax, and then to continue with the pressure and the rhythm when she longing for it. These lusty moves will get her begging for more, and then you can go on to show her that you are a true master where orgasms are concerned!

#2 - Keep to the basics: While you are trying out all those techniques, don't forget the basics. Women like to be pampered, complimented and generally indulged. Keep the romance alive by undressing her in a slow and gentle manner; showering her with heartfelt compliments (she can smell a fake, so beware!). Concentrate on her erogenous zones and make it a romantic affair. She will be more than willing for your raunchy moves later on!

#3 - Sizzle up! Don't ignore the fun aspect of sex! Play erotic games together, try out funny positions and laugh together! All the while, don't forget to drive her wild with your slow strokes and the sensuous feel of your clothes on her naked skin!

By Evan Kinney
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Anal Sex Tips For Men - Learn the Secrets of the Female Anal Orgasm!

Written By Andy Subandono on Friday, November 25, 2011 | 9:07 AM

Anal sex for sure has to be one of the most sought after sex fantasies for all men. The problem most men have to tackle when trying to get their lover to have anal sex with them is that their lover will not do it because they are afraid it may hurt or will not feel good for them and are completely unwilling to try in case this is true. Well for you men I am here to give you some great tips so that you can make anal sex enjoyable for the both of you and so you can give your lover an orgasm through anal play!

The anus has literally hundreds of nerve endings throughout with more and more the deeper you venture. Theses nerve endings if stimulated correctly will give your lover incredible pleasure. Unfortunately the anus does not lubricate itself like the vagina does so you need to make sure that both your penis and her anus is lubricated properly.

When you begin anal play try to start by using your fingers so that she becomes loose enough to allow for your penis to enter. After a time you will feel her getting looser and looser and she will start to really enjoy what she is feeling. Now is when you can start to penetrate your lover with your penis, make sure to go slow at first as she still maybe quite tight. Once she begins accustomed to your penis being in her you should try getting it deeper and deeper as the majority of the nerve endings are based there!

As there are more and more nerve endings the further you enter her anus she will enjoy anal sex more the larger your manhood is. If you want to IMPROVE the size of your manhood to make her enjoy anal sex more I recommend Penis Advantage
By Marcus Howardson
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Best Oral Sex Tips - How to Give Her Best Cunnilingus Ever!

Written By Andy Subandono on Thursday, November 24, 2011 | 9:05 AM

According to The Hite Report, more than 40% of women climaxes regularly via oral sex. The major benefit of oral sex is: it provides high intensity of arousal without penetration. When you do it right, it will send her great climax and make her worship you even if you have a small penis. Sadly, many men do not realize this fact and perform oral sex as though they are vaginal vacuum. Read on as we reveal few tricks to help you become her best oral sex ever.

#1. Safe sex 101
I don't want to sound old schooled, but safe sex is extremely important. Oral sex can be an open invitation to some nasty viruses if you don't use the safe approach. To avoid oral pleasure to become regret later, make sure your mouth is perfectly healthy and free from any complication. Use mouth wash consistently to maintain the hygiene in your mouth. During oral sex, use a commercial dental dam or plastic food wrap as barrier.

#2. Clean yourself up
Your hands can make or break her sexual pleasure. As some parts of her body are very sensitive, the slightest nails can turn her off big time. Thus, make sure to keep your hands clean and your fingernails are manicured.

#3. Monitor her response
There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to oral sex. Different women respond differently to various techniques. While your woman like G-spot massage, some may find it a huge turn off, and others may love their clitoris to be licked. If you are not sure her preference is, here's what you can do: experiment with different patterns and speed, and then monitor her body response closely. You know you are doing the right things if you observe the following sighs: she moves her hips close to your mouth, increasing wetness on her genitals, her buttock quivers. When all else fails, don't be afraid to ask her how she would like to be pleased.

Now Listen...
When these positions are combined with big penis sex, it will send her to absolute heaven!
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By Ian Lee
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Loveologist Guide to Sex Tips For Women

Written By Andy Subandono on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 | 9:02 AM

The first tip is to accept and love your body. It's time to overcome any guilt or shame about feelings of sexual desires, dreams, fantasies, and arousal because these feelings and experiences are healthy, natural, and essential for a healthy and happy woman to thrive. Learn about your own body inside and out. This includes knowing where your clitoris is, getting familiar with your monthly cycle and how secretions change, but most importantly how you respond to different types of sexual stimulation. In fact this applies to your entire body, so take the time to discover all of your erogenous zones because you are covered in "hot spots" from head to toe and there is no way that you can communicate your personal turn-ons to a lover if you haven't discovered them for yourself.

Find out when and what makes you sexually aroused because the greater your awareness of your body, the more you'll be able to enjoy it and the better it will work. In addition, if your lover has not developed the skill to stimulate you to orgasm, you can show him how to do so or you can simply achieve an orgasm on your own. You won't need to rely on or expect your lover to fulfill your sexual needs.

Always take responsibility for your own pleasure and orgasm, do not expect your lover to give it to you because sexual arousal begins between the ears and then it flows between the legs. So ladies, get into a juicy state of mind and you can sexy yourself up anytime you want. If you have never experienced an orgasm, you may be suffering from gynecological, hormonal or even neurological disorders, but more commonly you could have a psychological block such as resentment towards your partner.

Make an effort to talk to your lover about what turns you on and off in specific areas such as kissing, touching, oral sex, masturbation, and intercourse because your lover cannot read your mind and your interaction can give great insight into your relationship.

Men are well known as visual so the way a woman looks is important to them, but they also want their lovers to have certain qualities that are even more important than their looks. Here are the top qualities that men want in their lover.

Be affectionate, uninhibited, responsive, appreciative, flexible, creative, communicative, and assertive in the bedroom.

How many do you have? If your answer is only a few, then you can work on developing the others. After all, everyone knows how to have sex because it's a basic instinct, but making love is an art that you can learn and that's what this is all about; learning to release the sexpot inside you, learning to enjoy your sexuality and learning to please your lover. Remember, it all begins with the first step of loving and accepting yourself.

Amongst the other sex tips for women the final tip is to give your lover a full body massage by caressing all of his erogenous zones from head to toe.

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Sex Tips For Your Wedding Night

Written By Andy Subandono on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 | 9:01 AM

urn your honeymoon into a honeymoan! It's easy if you remember the old adage: "Expect nothing and you won't be disappointed!" If you and your husband-to-be are non-drinkers, this is a no brainer. You'll probably have plenty of energy to enjoy your wedding night after celebrating at the reception. However - most brides and grooms do drink alcohol at their wedding reception and as you can imagine... this can be a recipe for disaster if you are planning on a night filled with unspeakable love making.

Take the pressure off! If you are going to drink at your wedding reception then don't expect to consummate your wedding the same night. Let your partner know that you don't expect any lovemaking on your wedding night... but watch our for the next morning! Ah yes - the next morning. It's probably the best time to consummate the marriage. Both you and your partner (barring any hangovers) will be much more fresh and capable of having sex the right way. What's the right way? It's your way! If you've already made love to your new wife or husband then you already know what pleases them.

If however you are going to make love for the first time then we have some helpful tips. The first tip is wait till the next morning. Wake up with no firm plans to do anything except enjoy each others company. Don't expect the new bride to do a thing! Order breakfast sent to your room and don't forget the pancakes, syrup, chocolate and strawberries! Awake at your pleasure and if you're inclined - take a nice long hot shower together. Soap each other up and don't leave a spot untouched. By the time your morning shower is over you will both be in the mood for love.

Don't eat a boring breakfast. Eat it off each other! Create a symphony of pleasure with your favorite music - pancake syrup and your naked bodies. Always play music when making love. It sets the tone for unbelievable romance. Finally - if your new bride is willing, then use a vibrator to enhance her experience. Vibrators should not be looked at as a replacement for your manhood. Having said that... never buy a vibrator that is bigger then your own member! And a word to the new bride... if you already love vibrators then once again... don't make your new husband feel inadequate by whipping out a vibrator that makes him feel like a school boy that just got out of a cold swimming pool.

Sex toys not only enhance the sexual experience, but using them can also create some hilarious moments you'll remember for a lifetime. Remember - don't ever look or feel serious or anxious when you are about to make love. Having great sex is all about having fun. If your not having fun... then you're not doing it right.

No pressure... if it feels right to the both of you - then it IS right. Have fun and don't expect anything from your partner and you will never be disappointed. Enter each sexual experience with the thought of pleasing your partner - not yourself.

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