Sex Tips to Drive Him Crazy - Give Your Man the Best Oral Sex of His Life

Written By Andy Subandono on Monday, May 24, 2010 | 8:46 PM

By Michelle Jacobs

You just don't want to give your man mediocre pleasure. You want to be able to completely knock his socks off. You want to be the best that he has ever had and for him to remember you for years to come. However, when it comes to oral sex, you are completely clueless. You need some sex tips for women so you can be better in bed.

When giving a man oral stimulation, there are a few things that women need to know. First of all, you do not have to be gentle with his body. Men prefer a rough touch to a soft one so the rougher you are, the better. You can accomplish this by using a hand to stroke the shaft and then using your mouth on the tip of his member. The combination of rough and soft will surely blow his mind.

Another great sex tip to drive him crazy is to make some sounds will pleasing him. This adds to the whole experience because those tiny moans and groans means that you like it. Then he is able to let loose a little more and really enjoy what you are doing to him.

Use some of these tips tonight to give him the best oral pleasure of his life. After you are done with him, guaranteed he will want to do some things do you and this whole oral sex thing can really benefit your relationship and send your sex life into a whirlwind of pleasure.


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